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Sally Strackbein

Sally Strackbein
Chief Story Finder




Brilliant communication begins with a good story!

My goal is to put an end to boring and ineffective communication.

    No one will put up with blah, blah, blah anymore.

Don’t worry. You don’t have to compete with polished Hollywood actors. You just have to be interesting.

Don’t think you have any good stories to tell? Yes. You have good stories. Everyone does. I help people like you discover their best stories and incorporate them seamlessly into their presentations or conversations.

Whether you have to give a fact packed presentation or you want to change the world with your words, great impact starts with a story.

Imagine making a great connection with every presentation you give and holding your audience in the palm of your hand. Imagine someone coming up to you a year later saying, “You changed my life when I heard your story.”

Want to discover what a great communicator you can be? Give me a call and let’s brainstorm.

Sally Strackbein

Sally Strackbein
(703) 262-0361


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