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Sally Strackbein

Sally Strackbein
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Sally and Ray Strackbein’s Clients

“I’m so darned grateful that you are in my life. You provide a sensational combination of insight, inspiration, and  intelligence. You make me stretch. With you in my life, I find myself doing more than I thought I could. You do what my father [Ernest Henderson, founder of Sheraton Hotels] was famous for: You give people a better vision of themselves.

Oh, and one thing more:  knowing that I’ll be speaking with you once a week means that there’s a structure to my life that wouldn’t exist otherwise.  It’s like working towards a graduate degree, but it costs a lot less and you get much more personal attention, and the pay off is bigger.”
   —Mitzi Perdue (Mrs. Frank Perdue), Speaker, Author, Business Woman, Salisbury, MD


“The session worked for us, on a variety of levels.

“First, the experience helped our group to make connections between members, and to take renewed pride in the good that often results from our efforts with our clients,

“Secondly, we did all think more about stories, and what's involved in telling them, and I can list quite specific tips that have stuck in my head (most notably, "the telling detail" and the need to make more graphic the issues with which we deal)

“Third, the three who represented the unit the next day did an excellent job, maintaining eye contact and engagement with the whole department in their very "low-tech"....but from the heart...presentations.  They did well, and each of them has written to me to let me know how much they gained from doing what they don't often do, which is speak in public.

“So, many thanks to the pair of you for an enjoyable and useful day for us that will yield dividends for quite a while.”
               —Pete Kolsky, World Bank


"Thanks to Sally's coaching I went from turning down speaking invitations to being quoted in Forbes because I spoke at the ‘Global Summit of Women in Beijing.’"
          — Kristina Bouweiri, President/CEO, Reston Limo


“Experience told me that effective storytelling is a powerful tool that can touch both the hearts and minds of listeners, but that introverted leaders tend to shy away from using it because of the very reason they need it most - letting people see their authentic self.  Sally is gifted at drawing out both beautiful stories and the recognition of their importance and impact.”
       — Catherine J. Hand, PhD, FDIC School of Leadership


“Sally's approach to coaching on speaking and presentation skills is gentle, humorous and highly effective. She is immensely patient, warm and wise. I highly recommend her.” 
            — Debbie Weil, author, The Corporate Blogging Book


“Sally helped me quickly develop a great speech with resonating and powerful stories. I got great audience participation and reaction.”
                   — Phil Symchych, President, Symco & Co


“Sally is more than a storytelling coach. Sally is tops when it comes to making good sense of any business situation. I call on Sally whenever I need the advice of someone I trust.” 
             — Marsha Lindquist, CEO, The Management Link


"Sally Strackbein's instruction had a dramatic effect on my public speaking, both in terms of content and presentation. I am so grateful to her for opening my eyes to how to connect with my audience."
        —Ronald Kessler, New York Times bestselling author


"Your interaction with each other was absolutely wonderful. I loved watching & listening to you both. You're very genuine."
        —David Lewis, Lewis Consulting Group, Inc.


"Sally, you blew me away with your enchanting concepts at the Storytelling Workshop you presented for the Personal Achievement Institute in Sedona. Your obvious mastery of storytelling techniques held me in awe. I watched and listened breathlessly as you charmed everyone present. You are truly a gift to the world."
    —Burt Dubin, Personal Achievement Institute


"Ray was excellent – he was very informative, answered everyone’s questions, stayed after the seminar to assist me and others.  Very professional.  Great Job Ray!"
   —Marybeth C, U. S. Government


"After my recent talk, 11 out of the 18 people in the audience asked for a follow-up appointment—because of the story I told. Your coaching helped me craft my own story into just what my talk needed to make it successful."
   —Julia Kalish, Inner Voice Nutrition


“Ray Strackbein is the best instructor I have ever taken a course with.  He is extremely knowledgeable and I really enjoyed his sense of humor.”
   —Anna L, Countryside Home Loans


"With poise and sensitivity, Sally leads the participants through an amazing journey of discovery.  Every participant in my group realized the importance of being present and Sally was the one responsible for creating an environment where that could happen."
   —Ronald P. Culberson, MSW, CSP,
      Director of Everything!, FUNsulting, etc.


“I came to Ray’s session with very little knowledge and left with easy to understand ideas that I can use on my job now.”
    —Marilyn J, IBB


"Sally helped me go deeper into my stories—to get into the details that engage an audience, thanks."
    —Dan Knight, High Performance Strategy Associates


"Sally performs magic! She takes you on an inner journey of self discovery in a very short time, helping you to find your essence (your business too—astonishing!). Sally's gentle and loving touch coupled with her insights and expertise allowed each person to soar to new heights."
   —Jan Du Plain, Du Plain International Speakers Bureau


"I can't possibly express the gratitude I feel toward you for the gift I feel your workshop was to me. Before yesterday, I felt like I had been in that conscious incompetence quadrant for a long time. I knew that before I could ever even begin to really feel comfortable promoting myself and my business, I needed to know who I was--I needed to know MY story. After struggling for a year on my own, in one day, you helped me find my story. You made me feel comfortable enough to try to express stories that had deep meaning to me, and by just listening, you focused in on the true value in each of them and helped me learn to celebrate those truly breakthrough moments."
   —Jackie Mills, True Blue Creative


“Best I‘ve ever seen!”
Terry R, Multinomah County Information Services


"I want to thank you for your support through my journey to being a keynote speaker. Although I have many years experience as a professional trainer plus years of stage experience, I knew that keynote speaking required new skills and techniques, and I needed to make a big shift from focusing on content to allow personal stories to be the main message with the points. Your gentle coaching helped me to discover my own stories. In working with you listening intently to many of my stories, you not only helped me sort out what stories to use, but how best to describe them! You helped me to transition from training to keynote. Thanks to your coaching, my recent opening keynote speech was an overwhelming success.  Thanks again." 
Dottie  Perlman, PCC, NCC, Insight Associates, LLP


"Your Speakshop is one of the best business investments I've made all year, and the returns just keep rolling in. Days after the seminar, your advice helped me make vital connections with people who came to a content-heavy day-long seminar on US government acquisition. That was only the beginning. I kept working on developing new stories and remembering their essential power in helping people connect with content, messages, ideas... and me and my work. After my most recent presentations in Calgary and Edmonton, something new happened: people who attended called me within days of the event, asking to engage my services 

"In over 15 years of inviting expert speakers to present topics like mine to Canadian industry audiences, not one ever won a piece of business as a result. While I present many of the same topics, apparently the WAY I do it -- with compelling stories that bring the lessons to lifenow develops a unique rapport, sense of trust and desire to work together with them.  THANK YOU! "
Judy Bradt, Principal & CEO, Summit Insight LLC


Ray performed way beyond expectations! Thanks!
Richard A, Department of Defense


“Great, knowledgeable, easy to understand, very articulate and appropriate.”
Jim F, Rochester Gas & Electric


“She creates a safe trusting environment so that I expressed a part of myself I didn’t even know existed.”
Blanca Schusterman


“Sally provides speakers, and those that want to be, some very practical exercises to help the speaker become comfortable with any audience.”
William J. Guinan, Chief Counsel, US Army Audit Agency


"In the first ten minutes I felt like I had already learned a simple technique that will help me tremendously with my next speaking engagement. The exercises that Sally used helped me connect with the other attendees in a way that was powerful and passionate."
Kevin Decker, Building Winning Teams


"Sally & Ray break down storytelling to a process that everyone can use. From the experienced storyteller to the novice."
Jack Klemeyer, Performance Coach


"Great teamwork. Enjoyed Sally and Ray's energy and fun way of presenting information."
Dan Surface, Profit Up Biz


"Great job. Friendly with lots of valuable information. I will implement ideas immediately."
Greg Ballard, Small Unit Leadership


"Sally and Ray present useful, pertinent information in a relaxed atmosphere. The information sticks with you."
Robin S. Kellman


"Sally and Ray live their message."
Dr. Craig Overmeyer, Canterbury Group


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