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Speaking & Storytelling for Business Success




 Storytelling for Business Success

How to Create Stories That Persuade, Motivate and Sell
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Storytelling for Speeches and Presentations

    Discover and practice your stories to use in presentations. While you tell your stories, you also get individual coaching and on your public speaking skills.

You learn how to turn your own experiences into storytelling that touches the emotions moving people to act. You learn:

  • Why you need storytelling in your presentations
  • How to craft stories that evoke emotions
  • How to find your own story and make it work for you

Best of all, you quickly discover that your own stories are right there and available. In one storytelling workshop, you learn the vital keys to opening your own memory and imagination. You learn to remember the details that make your story come to life - guaranteed! Subsequent storytelling workshops reinforce your learning and presentation skills.

Storytelling for Business Success
Experience incredible results when you use the stories you learn to craft in this workshop. You discover and tell stories that make the right connections for you. This innovative storytelling method is simple and fun. No advance preparation is required.

Storytelling for Marketing

    Learn how to effectively use storytelling to market yourself and your business.

    Your storytelling dramatically improves your ability to attract the people and clients who are right for you.

Storytelling Workshop for Organizations
Come to work each day feeling like you are part of a team or a family.

Your people get to know each other in a deeper, more meaningful way. Through stories, they learn organizational history, mission and values that may never come up any other way. When your people understand your organization, they become first class spokespersons for your organization, to clients, sponsors, and prospects.

Call to schedule a storytelling workshop for your organization.


Public Speaking Workshop

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