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Sally Strackbein

Sally Strackbein
Chief Story Finder




Speaking / Storytelling Workshop
Find Your Story
with Sally Strackbein

April 27, 2017
1-Day Storytelling Workshop
9:30am-4:30pm, Reston, VA

“Sally Strackbein's instruction had a dramatic effect on my public speaking, both in terms of content and presentation. I am so grateful to her for opening my eyes to how to connect with my audience.”
      --Ronald Kessler, New York Times Bestselling Author

Captivate hearts and minds when you speak from your soul.

Speakshop-2007-FebStories create Emotional Magnetism that answers the question, “So what?” For speaking and marketing, stories are the key to success. Stories make your message stick.

Come to our storytelling workshop and discover your own stories (and how to tell them) so you get the results you deserve.

  • Speak with authenticity and confidence
  • Overcome speaking anxiety
  • Make your message stick
  • Discover and develop your own stories

Have fun as you experience a new way to communicate.

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You will learn in our storytelling workshop:

  • How to recall events that make terrific stories... so that your presentations are memorable
  • To open your presentation for maximum impact... so your audience will listen
  • To connect with your audience to motivate and persuade... so you get the results you want
  • How to tap into your Emotional Magnetism… because people make decisions based on emotion and justify on logic
  • To build on your own natural speaking style... so speaking becomes effortless
  • Craft a speech that gets you the best results
  • Vital keys to opening your own memories and imagination… to make it easy to remember what you want to say
  • Why personal stories make the best business stories… because our brains are hardwired to remember and act on stories
  • The 3 best storytelling formats for marketing... so you can immediately profit from what you learn
  • How to touch emotions that make people remember and act... because emotion sells
  • How speaking to a group can be as easy and comfortable as speaking to one person… so you can speak successfully to any size group
  • How to influence decision makers ... so they immediately accept and act on your goal
  • How to recover from brain freeze… so you won’t be embarrassed when you forget your lines
  • How to use stories to build credibility... that puts you ahead of your competition
  • Strategic listening… so you can answer questions with ease
  • How to craft a story to make your points stick… so your audience retains important factual information

This is a small group (no more than 8) experiential speaking and storytelling workshop. You get individual coaching and a video of your work.
Your investment is only $688.

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"I doubled my income from speaking as a result of working with Sally."

        —Fran Dean Bishop, Aerobodies Fitness Inc.

"Even as an experienced speaker your program provided a fresh approach for ensuring that my presentations come from the heart and are given in a manner and method to reach any audience powerfully and with meaning."

        —Cynthia de Lorenzi,Success in the City

"It's hard to be more successful if you can't get up and talk in front of people. The confidence Sally gave me -- that was amazing."

        —Sue Hayes, Professional Organizer

"Sally, you blew me away with your enchanting concepts at the Storytelling Workshop you presented for the Personal Achievement Institute in Sedona. Your obvious mastery of storytelling techniques held me in awe. I watched and listened breathlessly as you charmed everyone present. You are truly a gift to the world."

      —Burt Dubin, Personal Achievement Institute


Public Speaking Workshop

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