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9 Reasons to Bring in Sally & Ray

Strategic Bragging
The World’s Best Marketing Tool
Speak with Authenticity and Power
3 Keys to Get What You Want

Strategic Bragging™
7 Reasons Participants Benefit

    Sally Strackbein, Speaking and Storytelling Presentations and WorkshopsDo you want to boost your business? What do you say when people ask you, "What do you do?" Do they nod politely as they listen or do they light up as you describe what you do?

    You can be intriguing. You can get more business. Whether you speak to someone one-on-one or speak to a group, the method is the same. It's all about how you tell your business story!

    This program is very interactive. You learn our easy, step-by-step method to create compelling case stories about your clients' successes. Then, when you talk about your business, you will be irresistible to your best prospects.

The World’s Best Marketing Tool:
Your Story

    Do your prospects know why they should choose you instead of your competition? Do you struggle to convince them that you offer exactly what they need?

    Discover how you can become a "customer magnet," attracting clients who are right for you. Imagine having prospects say, "When can we start," instead of, "How much?"

    Like professional speakers and marketers, you can use the power of storytelling to make your point.

    If you aren't getting all of the clients you need, don't miss this presentation. In this unique session you will learn how to:

    • Get great testimonials
    • Position yourself as the only person to call
    • Find your marketing message that works best
    • Make your message persuasive and memorable
    • Attract clients who are right for you

    Join us and discover a better and easier way to grow your business!

Speak with Authenticity and Power

    Do you believe you have to perform to be an effective presenter? Do you worry about how to remember when to gesture and not to say “um?” Forget it! Effective speaking is about getting results. By learning how to connect with your audience, you get your points across and become masterful, magnetic and memorable.

    Ray Strackbein, professional speakerYou learn to identify the 3 key purposes of any presentation. You learn how to build on your own natural style and create a relationship with your audience.

    For both experienced speakers and new speakers, this speaking method will improve your skills. This program offers you the opportunity to experience how easy it is to overcome speaking anxiety, boost confidence, and increase impact.

3 Keys to Get What You Want

    Would you like to get more of what you want? Do you know people who seem to put little effort into having great relationships, great jobs, and they get everything they want? How about you? How easy is it for you to get what you want? Would you like to know how you can increase your "got it" results?

      What do you want?

    Sally and Ray Strackbein show you how to build your own simple and easy-to-follow recipe for getting more of what you want, including better results in your business and personal life. You will find that it's not difficult. It only takes a small shift to allow magic to happen in your life and in your business.

Call 703-262-0361 to book Sally and/or Ray for your meeting.


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