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Public Speaking Program
Speak with Authenticity and Power

The One Secret "Presentation Skills"
 Trainers Won't Tell You

Most public speaking seminars last for one day or two at the most and you get maybe one or two turns to speak. Then you go back to the real world and forget what you learned. Mastering any new skill takes practice over time to really stick with you.

    Our innovative presentation skills seminar series gets you started quickly by putting you in front of a supportive audience right away.

You have at least two turns to speak during each of 6 sessions (12 turns). Each speaking turn is videotaped for your private viewing. By the time you have completed the six session series, you will speak with confidence!

    How much do poor communication skills cost you in lost sales, angry clients or unhappy employees?

Do you need to speak in order to develop rapport, persuade, sell or motivate?

    If you need to speak in front of others for any reason
    If you need to influence even one person
    If even thinking about speaking makes you nervous

. . . Then this public speaking workshop is for you.

Our innovative approach to presentation skills makes confident speakers out of anyone, guaranteed.

By speaking in this small group workshop:

  • You learn to speak and communicate effectively.
  • You are gently coached to develop your own authentic speaking style.
  • You learn and practice how to establish credibility, rapport and trust with clients, colleagues, prospects, management, staff

Speak with Authenticity and Power is a proven method for quickly mastering the skills of both public speaking and effective listening. You will communicate better after 6 sessions.

    "Sally [Strackbein] provides speakers, and those who want to be, some very practical exercises to help the speaker become comfortable with any audience."

            --William J. Guinan, Chief
            Counsel, US Army Audit Agency

In 6 sessions, with practice, over time, you develop and master the speaking, listening and leadership skills necessary to:

  • Connect with others and establish trust
  • Project confidence and authenticity
  • Craft a focussed, on-target presentation
  • Identify the key elements of a successful presentation
  • Speak with ease and comfort
  • Listen effectively
  • Develop professionalism and self-assurance
  • Discover your own intuitive speaking style
  • Move past "presentation skills" to natural speaking
  • Create genuine rapport with your audience
  • Master the art of staying cool in hot situations

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Public Speaking Workshop

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