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Imagine trying to learn presentation skills by reading a book. Printed pages don’t respond to you when you speak. If you want to become a masterful speaker, you have to speak.

Ron CulbersonIn this presentation skills seminar, you get in front of a supportive audience and learn how to:

  • Connect with your audience
  • Dramatically improve your speaking presence
  • Overcome speaking anxiety
  • Respond appropriately to your audience needs
  • Discover your own intuitive presentation style
  • Move past “presentation skills” to natural ease

Have you ever heard a speech or presentation and felt like the speaker was speaking to you personally? Great speakers connect with their audiences. In this Presentation Skills Speakshop Seminar, your experience is all about that connection between the speaker, and the audience.

Most presentation skills trainers teach “eye contact.” We teach connection. When you invite a connection with another human being rather than forcing eye contact, you connect at an emotional level. Then, when you tell stories to make your points in your presentation, your audience “gets it.”

Who benefits from presentation skills training? People who want to improve how they communicate their message so they get the results they deserve, including:

  • People who suffer from fear of speaking
  • Technical professionals who give product demonstration presentations
  • Sales professionals who want to be more persuasive
  • Single people who want to improve how they present themselves
  • Executives who want to give top notch presentations at conferences and meetings
  • Managers who want their employees to understand and be motivated
  • Lawyers who need to convince and persuade

What makes this Presentation Skills Seminar different? You don’t listen to a lecture about how to stand or how to gesture. You shift your experience so you become comfortable speaking to a group of people. You learn how to spot the receptive people in the audience and begin by speaking to them.

Presentation skills is not about remembering not to say “um” or put your hand in your pocket. You discover and tell stories that illustrate what you want your audience to walk away with. When you tell your own stories in your presentation, you maximize your impact.

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