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Frequently Asked Questions

Why stories?
I discovered that when my clients tell stories in conversations, in speeches, or in marketing material, they get dramatically better results. Stories touch the emotions that persuade people to act!

Who should attend a public speaking or storytelling seminar?
Everyone who wants to succeed in business and in life. Speaking and listening skills are essential when you need to present a professional image. Anyone who wants to connect with others and learn about themselves or their organization will benefit. Technical professionals, sales representative, lawyers, micro-business owners, independent professionals, executives and human beings. Anyone who wants to learn how to be persuasive, memorable and magnetic.

What about Toastmasters?
Toastmasters is a great place to practice your speaking. I try out all my new material at my Toastmasters club before I use it in front of a “real” audience. I don’t recommend that you start with Toastmasters. At Toastmasters, you may get excellent feedback or you may get feedback from an amateur who has never given a speech outside of a Toastmasters club. You need to trust that the advice you are getting is of the highest quality, so we recommend that you get professional feedback when you need your speech to be professional.

What will a Defining Story® workshop do for me?
You experience the power your own stories have to evoke emotion in others. You learn what stories to use in specific situations: networking, presentations, or marketing materials. You also learn how to add the little details to stories that make them come to life. Many participants comment that they were surprised at how much fun they had. more

What will a Defining Story® workshop do for my organization?
Your people get to know each other in a deeper, more meaningful way. They learn organizational history, mission and values through stories that may never come up any other way. When your people understand your organization, they become first class spokespersons, both internally and externally. Best of all, they become much, much better speakers.

What is Story Listening?
Story listening is the art of conscious, gentle attention when someone is speaking. In a group setting, it is quiet, attentive listening that makes it safe for the speaker to tell their story. One-on-one, attentive, appreciative listening together with careful questions coaxes stories out of anyone who is open to the process.

Can you really get a Terrific Testimonial for me?
If you have any satisfied customers who will talk to us, we can. We interview them and use their own words and ideas to create a Terrific Testimonial.

Why come to more than one presentation skills Speakshop®?
Because one workshop is not enough to master public speaking. Like learning to ride a bicycle, any new skill takes practice to learn. Many public speaking workshops last one or two days. You finish the workshop and feel on top of the world. Three weeks later you are back almost where you started and you may think you just don't have what it takes to present like a pro. You do have what it takes. Everyone does. All you need is to practice speaking to an audience that wants you to succeed and you will!

What happens in the speaking workshop?
Each time you come to a Speakshop®, you speak several times at a full-day Speakshop. You are coached in a gentle, positive method that brings out the best in you. Your natural grace and style emerge and you practice and build on the skills that you learn. You learn how to speak and you learn how to craft the content of your presentation. You receive a videotape of yourself for your private viewing at your home or office. You learn and practice what works for you.


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