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The Speaker's Purpose
by Sally Strackbein

Why do you speak?

Do you speak to promote your business, to educate or perhaps to entertain? What do you want for yourself as a result of your presentation? Seriously, why do you speak?

Don't protest. For a moment, let's put your audience on hold. Every successful speech must have three purposes: your purpose, the audience's purpose and the purpose of the person or organization that invited you to speak. Let's examine your purpose.

    Think about it. What is your purpose?

Do you want to get great testimonials and improve your business? Maybe you want your attendees to engage your services. Do you want to motivate them to take a specific action?

Sometimes you may only want their contact information and permission to send them your newsletter or other marketing pieces. Whatever your purpose, when you have it clearly in your mind as you speak, you are more likely to achieve your purpose.

    From now on, as you create a speech, or any communication, focus both on what you want as well as the benefit to your audience.

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