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How to Write a Speaker's Introduction
by Ray Strackbein

The purpose of a speaker's introduction is to motivate the audience to hear the speaker. To write an introduction, you need to know two things: what the speaker can do and what the audience wants or needs.

An introduction isn't a long dissertation on the speaker's credentials and biography. It needs to be only a paragraph, not a book. Simply write three sentences or questions:

  1. Describe what the audience wants or needs either with a compelling question or an enticing fact.
  2. Explain why the speaker is qualified to speak on the topic. Include the speaker's name.
  3. Instruct the audience to welcome the speaker. End with the speaker's name. That is their cue to take over and speak.

Keep the introduction short and crisp. The audience is there to hear the speaker, not the introducer.

Here's a sample:

    Have you ever sat through a boring introduction or had to write one? At her company, Defining Story, Sally Strackbein, a professional speaker, helps people give better speeches and better introductions. Let's give a warm welcome to a lady who will take the mystery and misery out of introductions, Sally Strackbein!

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