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Promote Yourself When You Speak
by Sally Strackbein

When you speak, train or are on a panel, do you use that opportunity to promote yourself? You will stand above your competition when you give an information packed handout.

I attend a lot of meetings that feature speakers. It amazes me how few give handouts to support their presentations. The speaker at one meeting did have a handout. It had her PowerPoint® slides printed in grainy resolution, on cheap quality paper and it had no contact information. Most speakers don't have a handout at all. Some pass out their brochures. These brochures are often beautiful and expensive to produce. I look at them and throw them away as soon as I get home. Actually, I put them in my recycle bin. I don't save them.

On the other hand, give me a good handout and it goes in my reference file. A good handout gives me the major points the speaker made with some supporting detail. It gives me an action step to take and it gives me a way to follow up with the speaker.

Do you provide a good handout that your audience will save? People have called me years after a presentation because they were looking through their reference file and found my handout. Yes, these calls lead to business.

Here are some handout tips:

  • Use your professional photo
  • Use color, at least on the title or cover page
  • Make your layout attractive
  • Have your phone number, your website and your email on every page
  • Print on 28 lb paper instead of the more common 20 lb paper. People can feel the difference
  • Most important - give valuable information

Use every engagement as an opportunity to promote yourself with your handout.

Handouts trump brochures every time!

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